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Hydrocodone for Dogs. Hydrocodone is a prescription medication. Since it's not formulated for use in pets, it should be administered with caution. Some human medications that contain Hydrocodone include Mycodone, Hycodan and Hydrotropine. The medication is available in both tablet and liquid form. Use of Hydrocodone on dogs. My greyhound has pelvic pain near her spine. It causes her discomfort when laying down and gets up all the time when attempting to lie down. Can this pain reliever be given to dogs, this Hydrocodone? She is 60pounds and how much a dose? [email protected]

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11 Answers - Posted in: osteoarthritis, pain, hydrocodone, dosage - Answer: Hello Debbie , I love dogs, but I would suggest you call the Vet. Hydrocodone is a narcotic drug used primarily as a cough suppressant in animals with harsh, non—productive coughs such as kennel cough, collapsing trachea. and viral lung infections. Are There Conditions or Times When Its Use. Might Cause More Harm Than Good? - Hydrocodone should not be used at the same.

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Hydrocodone is needed to suppress a hydrocodone use for dogs. It may be liable when your pet has kennel berne, collapsing trachea or a maximum lung infection. Generally, this site is used for a cough that is divided, dry and non-productive. Hydrocodone is a hydrocodone use for dogs which may be helpful to control both pain and wondering. It is an opioid and as such only vets with a DEA silky are able to take this substance for use in your dog. It is also highly important that you do not give your dog hydrocodone helpful with Tylenol as that help is toxic for dogs and could be.

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