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The Soma Smoothie is an incredibly desirable bike that certainly lives up to its name. The Smoothie is its road race frame, but it still offers mudguard and rack mounts, boosting its versatility. Our test bike came with a Kinesis carbon fork featuring a medium amount of clearance. Date Reviewed: February 24, Strengths: Great ride, better quality tubing than Surly Pacer. Comes without fork for more options. It is hard to find a bike like this now, and they use to be very common. Weaknesses: Wish it had a pump peg and a external collar, but this is minor. Bottom Line: The Soma ES is what was.

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I picked out Soma's Smoothie ES, as opposed to the Smoothie model for two reasons: I wanted to be able to fit bigger tires and the geometry fit me better. I planned to use the bike as my Rando, dirt road explorer, and everyday workhorse. I haven't done a brevet yet, but the bike has fulfilled in every other. I'm in love. Unfortunately, I fall in love pretty easily, and often pretty hard. It's a fault, I am aware, but the Soma ES has really found a special place in the bike fold (the "ES" stands for "extra smooth"). Like having multiple children, one can compare their differences and similarities, but it doesn't mean you love.

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