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Hoping that posting on here will help ease some of my anxieties. My GP prescribed me 10mg of Lexapro (after my Therapist recommended I started some sort of mediciation) and he suggested starting out with 5mg for the first week since I was feeling sick to my stomach on 10mg. I am on day 5 of 5mg and. Had I known I would feel this bad, I would've never stopped taking Lexapro. THis is not worth the weight I lost. I'm trying to stick it out and see if the side effects go away soon. I'm on day 6. Yesterday was the worst day in terms of anxiety. I hope the medicines start working for you. Back to Top  Just started Escitalopram - Side effects - Anxiety - Panic.

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I am taking Lexapro for newly diagnosed OCD, anxiety and depression. I started taking 10mg daily, but after the 2nd dose, I felt I was going crazy. It intensified everything so much. Dr advised me to cut it down to 5 mg for the first week. Things are not much better. I am angry, I mean really angry, then sad. I was put on Lexapro (5mg day) for GAD, a week and a half ago, but after 5 days I was feeling foggy and zombielike, and talked with my pcp. I felt I had my anxiety under control. (I used to have panic attacks 12+ years ago and got them under control unmedicated) He didn't believe I needed to keep on the.

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