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TECHNICAL DATASHEET of IVERMECTIN for veterinary use in DOGS, CATS, HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, GOATS, SWINE, HORSES and POULTRY Other ticks (e.g. Amblyomma spp, Hyalomma spp Dermacentor spp, Ixodes spp, Rhipicephalus spp) are not controlled at all by ivermectin products. You may need to spray your property if they are climbing the walls, literally. . We have not had a tick or seen a tick in 3 years since starting the dogs on the monthly dose of Ivermectin. Consider getting them on a good, regular tick prevention program as soon as (or maybe one month before) you arrive.

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In addition to the link I provided that discusses the use/doseage of Ivermectin to prevent ticks, there are other studies on the web--studies done by University Cairo and cannot remember others. Ticks are a human problem worldwide, and studies show that use of Ivermectin for humans controls parasites in. Ivermectin is the active ingredient in many popular heartworm preventive drugs like Heartgard®. The dose of ivermectin in heartworm preventives is small (6 µg/kg) compared to the amounts recommended for off-label use of the drug. For example, off-label use for the treatment of sarcoptic mange requires a.

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