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I took the OTC diphenhydramine and it went away. When I went to my doctor complaining of a stomach virus last year, I was prescribed Dexilant. When I had the nausea symptoms recently, I took some of the leftovers. Those didn't do anything, but the diphenhydramine worked." Maggie Lou (taken for less than 1 month). just wondering what is safe to take for the tummy flu:(bleh. I had both stomach flu (vomiting, courtesy of DS) and another time severe diarrhea (more than four days with fever). It wasn't fun, but even with My mom (a women's health RN) always tells me to take Benadryl for stomach flu issues. Unless u.

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Is Benadryl helpful for Stomach Virus? can Benadryl cause Stomach Virus? Benadryl is mentioned in posts about Stomach Virus. Ho do I stop the kids from throwing up with the stomach. If you give them benadryl it stops the throwing up and kaopectate makes their stools manageable! I have done this We have used both the tylenol and gravol suppositories when my six year old had the stomach flu last really do help.

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