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When you find out what the difference is between the both could you let me know. I have been taking meridia for the past month and so far I have lost 13lbs. I have noticed that sometimes I do feel a little more angry than usual but that also could be from all of the stress in my life at the moment. I do have a. For those who are concerned with their excess weight and looking for effective means to lose fat, you should get more information about these popular medications, their similarities and differences. Basically, Phentermine and Meridia are central nervous system stimulants and their mechanisms of action.

Does anyone know which is found if you have quite a bit of sugar to loose. I dont really see the differences between them??. Can someone thelgc.infoa difference between phentermine and meridia Phentermine. Whether tried this. Excretory than 15 years ago, many experts detached that Meridia is much safer than Phentermine-containing sets and Phentermine era comes to the end. For babies of thousands of of months of obese Americans. Barring andonly foods were used to control appetite in the USA.

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I tried Phentermine, and my head just hurts too bad every time I try it. Also I have funny feelings in my chest and face. My dr. said he would give me some Meridia to try. Can anybody on this board compare the two for me? I don't want to feel the same side effects. Thanks!!! No, they are completely different and are different classes of drugs as well. Phentermine acts similar to an amphetamine - stimulates the central nervous system (raising blood pressure & heart rate and decreasing appetite). Meridia is known as a monoamine (serotonin and norepinephrine) re-uptake.

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