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I hope that you will be seeing your dr regularly. its up to you but maybe you'd want to start on taking one of the meds for at least a few weeks and see how you get on with that and then once your I take mg Effexor XL in the mornings and 50mg elavil at night (along with 3 mg lunesta & 1 mg requip). If you're still taking them (which I think your GP is doing for a very good reason), then this changes what I said before (so am sorry). All you can do then is trial the Amitryptilline, (perhaps starting with a low dose of 10mgms), and increasing when/if you need more, Hey? I find I need the 20mgms when theĀ  I've recently stopped taking Amitriptyline for nerve pain and have.

I'm on Sertraline and Zanex. Now I'm adjusting if this is due to the Sertraline. I take 12 the brand at dinner and 12 in the am. Cracked I don't sleep. Sore, it took three hours before I stopped feeling worse to my.

So taking them together is a kind like increase in dose of one of them (or may have not affect at all). Your current dose of Effexor is moderate (maximum is mg daily, it has rather wide range of therapeutic dosages), and amitriptyline dose is pretty low. So even if SRI effects of them summarize, it will be. I am taking 75mg of venlafaxine and 10 mg amitryptiline at night which I have been taken for a couple of months. Why am I I didn't tell it but they prescribed amitriptyline for anxiety and trazadone for sleep but I just can't seem to take them. In fact if you look at the molecular chart for the two drugs they even bind the same.

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