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My bro takes Zyprexa and he has managed his weight pretty well but he has adopted a rather extreme diet no gluten, no sugar (including not too sweet fruits), no tomatoes, no corn, no carrots, no milk or cheese products. He eats a lot of rice products, frozen vegetables, peanut butter, chicken, some beef,  How do you lose weight on olanzapine 10mg. I just started Zyprexa, so I am not sure about the weight issue yet. I sure hope I don't gain a bunch of weight. I was on a diet for 23 months and lost 40 pounds. It would kill me to have to do that again. To lose it I tried to eat as Vegan as possible. I allowed myself one dinner and one breakfast a week where I  Can i lose weight while taking zyprexa?

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I have been on Zyprexa and Lexapro for 6 years now and went from to in 4 years. I know my depression and Schizophrenia was mostly to blame along with a poor diet but never in my life have I ever been over I am having a very hard time losing the weight so I have to chose between my mental health and my. Just wanted to add my current experience with trying to lose weight while on a maintenance dose (5mg) of Olanzapine. can help, as well as cutting out evening snacking as much as possible, as the sedentary time we have in the evening and then sleeping can make it easier for fat to be laid down.

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