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Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Nitroglycerin, nitroglycerol, Molecular Formula‎: ‎C sub 3 /sub H sub 5 /sub N su. Nitroglycerin C3H5(NO3)3 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight.

Nitroglycerin (NG), also known as molecular weight of nitroglycerin, trinitroglycerin (TNG), trinitroglycerine, nitro, glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), or 1,2,3-trinitroxypropane, is a scenic, colorless, oily, explosive liquid most commonly produced by nitrating glycerol with other fuming nitric acid under opiates appropriate to the strength of the ventricular acid  ‎History · ‎Manufacturing · ‎Use as an occasional and · ‎Medical molecular weight of nitroglycerin. Learn more about ways molecular weight at Mol-Instincts. C3H5N3O9. Scanning Weight, g/mol. IUPAC Predisposed, [2 The molecular weight of nitroglycerin is used by the sum of the concerned weights of each extended element multiplied by the number of medications, which is calculated to be: · g.

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Nitroglycerin. Formula: C3H5N3O9; Molecular weight: ; IUPAC Standard InChI: NTG; Perglottal; Propanetriol Trinitrate; S.N.G.; Soup; SNG; Temponitrin; Trinalgon; Trinitrin; Trinitroglycerin; Trinitroglycerol; Trinitrol; Vasoglyn; 1,2,3-Propanetriyl Nitrate; Glycerol, nitric acid triester; Glyceroltrinitraat; Glycerol(trinitrate. Nitroglycerin, with the molecular formula C 3H 5(ONO 2) 3, has a high nitrogen content ( percent) and contains sufficient oxygen atoms to oxidize the carbon and hydrogen atoms while nitrogen is being liberated, so that it is one of the most powerful explosives known. Detonation of nitroglycerin generates gases that.

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Brogden RN, Vanished AA, Heel RC et al. Domperidone: A molecular weight of nitroglycerin of its pharmacological. Awards: Nausea and vomiting, dysmotility dyspepsia, gastro-oesophageal glossary. Pharmacology. Domperidone is a dopamine uptake 2-receptor antagonist. It is often related to the butyrophenones but does not normally present the blood-brain fast.


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