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Roxy Rox!

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Greetings Friends, Family, Lovers, Enemies, Band Devotees and Band Divorcees…
Thanks to everyone who came out and tore the roof off La Famiglia in Carmel for their first anniversary party. We’re still missing equipment and large chunks of memory from the evening, but we know everybody had a good time because the dance floor was full and Ian’s jar of apple pie moonshine was empty. Do the math!

This month, we’re regrouping and doing what comes naturally — namely, looking for opportunities to go OUTSIDE to drink. (Nothing like some golden gamma rays to melt the cubes in your Vodka Lemonade.) Oh, and getting ready for our next couple o' shows – Friday, May 2 at The Winery at St. George and Friday May 30th at the Putnam County Golf Course BBQ Series. Are we excited? We’re shakin' all over!

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Stewed in Action
Roxy, Stewed and Otto

Saturday, June 7, 9:00 pm
     Winery at St. George, Mohegan Lake, NY
     1715 E. Main St.
     (914) 455 - 4272

Friday, June 20, 9:30 pm
     Spruce Hill Inn, Putnam Valley, NY
     1 Oscawana Lake Rd
     (845) 621-4222‎

Friday, July 25, 9:30 pm
     Spruce Hill Inn, Putnam Valley, NY
     1 Oscawana Lake Rd
     (845) 621-4222‎

Tiki's on fire!
from some guy named Tod.
Roxy Rox!
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