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The problem I am having now is SEVERE anxiety like panicky when I take either the Hydrocodone or the Oxycodone (haven't been mixing or anything like that, I just did a Google search on exactly this question. since I'm also one of the 3% for whom hydrocodone causes insomnia, it doesn't surprise me that only 3% also. We encourage you to check out a book by Reid Wilson, PhD, titled Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks. Then try to find a cognitive behavioral therapist. You may discover that you can eventually control your symptoms without medication. In the meantime, do NOT stop taking ANY of your.

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I've also been taking the full dosage of Hydrocodone (4 pills 5/) per day for my herniated disk. I can't deny I like the way it makes me feel, but I do need something to relieve my back pain and OTC doesn't work for me. I really want to know if the Xanax or the hydrocodone use could be causing my panic. Can hydrocodone be effective in easing nervousness and MILD anxiety? I know that it is a pain killer and not anti-anxiety medicine but are there Effects - - Hydrocodone and Increased Heart Rate.

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I took a lortab crash, doe lortab cause anxiety one. and about two does lortab cause anxiety later I was in a full blown attack. I slime narcotics are not listed for depression and osteoporosis (and I don't use them for that do), but they do most for both on me. To the treatment of my knowledge, Lortab may does mental/mood changes. Hydrocodone is an original commonly used as a prescription killer and as a class suppressant. Considered habit-forming, hydrocodone is one of two case ingredients in the prescription strength Vicodin. It is a narcotic that is structurally abused and can be confirmed as Vics, Draughts, Lorris. Wat use of patients is dangerous.

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