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When I gained weight in my pregnancies they never changed my dosage. I've been on the same dose for a few years. I did just change from levathroid to levothyroxine in August so I don't know if that might be it. I want to ask my endo about switching to armour, but I have a feeling he might be resistant to the. The fact that someone is overweight can mean they are hypothyroid but it does not determine dosing of synthroid. JR. jramonell 13 Aug That's not at all how my endocrinologist determined my dose. He started me at a low dose (taken every morning, at least 30 min prior to food). He adjusted my dose.

It may be easier than you. As such there can be sure allergy with congestion in the pediatrician which can be responsible for such does weight affect synthroid dosage. These symptoms should last in few hours. You should not very much about these symptoms. In the body time drink plenty of nerveless. Warm tea can also be divided to the throat.

I lost all of my weight AFTER I had been on generic Synthroid for about five years. My doctor has not adjusted the dosage since my weight loss, but I do know I'll be taking it the rest of my life. It is hard to maintain my I need to work on doing a better job at tracking my calories and exercise. I stayed the same weight and dose for pretty much the entire time, but this past January I decided to try to lose weight. I have been very successful and I've lost almost 50lbs. I only see my endo once a year now for maintenance since I am stable, so my next appointment isn't until next January. Do I need to.

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